Marine Crewing Office Marine Crewing Office



The Idea

We are a small group of individuals whom interest in ships crewing process
We have built some relationships with local shipping companies and seafarers and we're seeking to grow these relationships as possible,
Our idea is to make it easier for the seafarer to fill their CV information once; and let it to our server to submit it to all registered companies without any little exertion
This also facilitates the crewing process for the shipping companies where they can search our database for the proper seafarers to contract with

The Objective

Our first objective is to keep the website as simple to use as possible
The second objective is to gradually provide the user with helper tools to support the business workflow such as the Messaging / Notification system and also the Live Support Chat system

The Future

Of course we have some ideas in mind to implement
And we'll carefully be listening to our clients feedbacks and suggestions and try to satisfy their requests as possible as we can
Finally, we're looking to spread our services over the globe and of course we'll need to find some partners to administer the work on their areas

For more information, suggestions or requests, please contact us